Welcome! The second edition of SkyMUN will take place on the 8th, 9th and 10th of December 2023 at Kandinsky College Nijmegen.

What is SkyMUN?

SkyMUN is short for a Model United Nations hosted at Kandinsky College Nijmegen. In December 2022 a first edition of our conference was established. During our three-day conference students get a chance to imitate the procedures of the United Nations whilst debating and resolving serious topics. SkyMUN is a great introduction to formality and protocol, but also features fun sides such as our Saturday night party, workshops, and much more – we believe room for socializing and making friends is just as important as the academic skills that are gained!

SkyMUN's 2023 theme:

Providing healthy living conditions and promoting well-being for all

The theme of this year's conference suggests a broad range of goals concerning health along with welfare for each individual on our planet. It aims at improving circumstances in relation to healthcare and medication, but also finds a variety of its branches in economic, social, and environmental progression. As global health crises continue to emerge, it is of great importance we work together in order to tackle these ventures. Mental health disorders, premature mortality, substance and drug abuse, financial risk, epidemics, essential supplies and food shortages, and climate change are some examples among the many issues associated with human suffering. When placing our efforts towards eradicating these complications, we strive towards saving the lives of millions.

Previous Conference

We are so proud of last year's results! If you want to get a glimpse of previous conference, we advise you to take a look at our SkyMUN magazine from last year!